Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change someone’s accent using Alta Call?

Accents can make conversations harder. But they are also part of our identity. Instead of trying to erase accents, our technologies enhance speech in order to make conversations smoother, even between people with different accents.

Can I install Alta Call massively?

Yes, a command line installation is provided for this purpose.

Does Alta Call work with any language?

Yes, our technologies target acoustical features that do not depend on the specific language.

Does Alta Call work with any voice?

Yes, our adaptive technologies are designed to enhance any type of voice (human, text to speech, …).

Can I test Alta Call?

Sure. Before working in run mode, we propose a pilot deployment of Alta Call with an A/B test (usually 3 months) designed to serve your use case. At the end, you will be able to quantify your ROI using Alta Call.

Can I get a quote for Alta Call?

Of course. Drop an e-mail to and we will be glad to propose a quote based on your needs.