Increase the performance of your professional calls
by removing background noise and optimising voice quality

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Our solutions

Coming from more than a decade of research in voice transformation and neuroscience, Alta Voce develops innovative AI-powered voice technologies making remote conversations clearer and more natural.

Noise cancellation

  • High quality voice communication with no noise
  • Easily understand clients calling from a noisy spot
  • Eliminate noisy background of call center or home
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Voice quality

  • Clearer conversations
  • Enhanced smile
  • No more misunderstandings

you can make speech clearer (e.g. alleviate talking too fast, accents or insufficient articulation) as well as enhance attitudes and intentions in the voice.

Voice coaching

Coach yourself with your own voice. Fully control the key modifications of your expressivity and find your way to turn every call in a success.

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Find out the ways that our technology can serve your needs.

Call & contact centers

Drastically increase your KPIs with Alta Call.

We are focused on improving your contact center performance and configuring our AI-driven solutions to your needs and digital transformation ambitions.

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Other communications

Our voice transformation technologies are also available through a SDK that can adapt to your needs for voice enhancing, background noise canceling and emotion effects.

For instance:

  • Avionics
  • Voice bots and smart speakers
  • Gaming
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