Voice transformations

Alta Voce brings to market high-quality software technologies that shape voice in real-time, to improve communication and social relations.

Whether the voice belongs to a person from a customer care centre, or to your vocal assistant, you need it to be intelligible and expressive. Our cutting edge voice processing solutions are driven by advanced research in cognitive neuroscience, focused on how speech and music create emotions.

As you listen to these examples, bear in mind that all of this is
real-time: you could literally pick up the phone, and have Alta Voce transformations such as these kick in, as you speak – no fixed script, no prior learning. Does this spark ideas ? Get in touch !


Making speech more intelligible, facilitating disturbed conversations

Original Enhanced

Attitude shaping

Shaping a speaker’s attitude, making their voice e.g. more expressive, smiling, warm, welcoming, trustworthy, etc.


Controlling a speaker’s smile

Ralph’s voice (EN)

Less Smiling More Smiling

Steve’s Text To Speech voice (TTS EN)

Less Smiling More Smiling


Amplifying or reducing a speaker’s expressivity

Arnaud’s voice (FR)
Arnaud’s voice more expressive (FR)
Federica’s Text To Speech voice (TTS ITA)
Federica’s voice more expressive (TTS ITA)
Federica’s voice less expressive (TTS ITA)


Shaping the attitude of a voice, making it happier or sad, afraid or trustworthy. Here are some “buongiorno” (good morning) with different intonations by Federica (TTS ITA)

Federica’s Text To Speech voice (TTS ITA)
Buongiorno – Intonation 1 (TTS ITA)
Buongiorno – Intonation 2 (TTS ITA)
Buongiorno – Intonation 3 (TTS ITA)

Alta Voce provides an objective method to define an intonation corresponding to a verbal description. Here is a selected intonation obtained with the description “trust”

Federica’s Text To Speech voice (TTS ITA)
Federica’s voice with trust intonation (TTS ITA)

Other examples of selected intonations

Lauren’s voice (EN)
Lauren’s voice with afraid intonation (EN)
Arnaud’s voice (FR)
Arnaud’s voice with happy intonation (FR)

Vocal identity

Colouring the voice by retouching its frequencies, making it brilliant or warm, changing age, genre, if it is tensed or relaxed. Here are some reshaped vocal identities

Jamie’s voice

Jamie’s voice (EN)
Jamie’s voice reshaped – 1 (EN)
Jamie’s voice reshaped – 2 (EN)
Ralph’s voice (EN)
Ralph’s voice reshaped – 1 (EN)
Ralph’s voice reshaped – 2 (EN)
Lauren’s voice (EN)
Lauren’s voice reshaped – 1 (EN)
Lauren’s voice reshaped – 2 (EN)