Voice Transformations Samples

Better undestanding

Making speech more intelligible and removing background noise.


Research with our clients shows that call center operators enhanced with Alta Voce get to engage with more customers than in their normal, unprocessed audio conditions.

Enhanced smile

Enhancing a speaker’s attitude, e.g. how smiling and welcoming they sound.



Research in the lab shows that smiling voices engage more attention from listeners, triggers spontaneous smiles, and is especially effective on younger listeners.

In the call-center industry, voices augmented with our technology increase customer engagement and agents’ performance.

It's how you say it

Varying expressivity

Martin (French)

Martin more dynamic

Martin even more dynamic

Our technology can gradually shape the expressivity in a voice, e.g. to make it more dynamic.

Varying prosody inflections

Federica (TTS, Italian)

Buongiorno 1

Buongiorno 2

Buongiorno 3

It is common knowledge that how we say something is more important than what we say. Our research proved it, and our technology allows to find the expressive features conveying the desired intention. For example, listen to Federica’s voice more trustworthy.

Federica (TTS, italian)

Federica trust