Alta Voce

Real-time voice augmentation based on AI-powered phase vocoder

Fitting piece illustration

Real-time voice analysis and augmentation : everyone’s smart vocal coach

Endless real-time voice design

Improving the quality of calls, or playing with voice as an avatar?

Dwight (English)

Dwight with augmented voice

Dwight's voice avatar as an old guy

Here is a call from the cult series The office. Augment Dwight’s voice with a little boost to reveal his salesman superpower. Or create his old guy’s voice avatar.

Better understanding

Making speech more intelligible and removing background noise.


Research with our clients shows that voices augmented with Alta Voce get to engage with more customers than in their normal, unprocessed audio conditions.

Voice augmentation

Improving voice clarity and understandability, revealing smile

Lisa (French)

Lisa with augmented voice

Maude (French)

Maude with augmented voice

Research with our clients shows that Alta Voce voice augmentation improves customers’ satisfaction.

Shaping voice avatars in real-time

Voice avatar from Lisa's voice

Voice avatar from Maude's voice

Our technology allows to shape voice features (expressivity, age, gender) to customize avatars in real-time.