Alta Voce

Real-time voice augmentation based on AI-powered phase vocoder

Fitting piece illustration

Let users design and use the voice of their dreams

Avatar design

Real-time shaping voice age and gender

English natural voice

Even less female voice gender

Male voice gender

Younger voice

Working for all languages with no need for training

French natural voice

More male voice gender

More female voice gender

Younger voice

TTS customization

Let users design their voice interfaces in real-time

Cortana original voice

Cortana voice younger

Siri male voice

Siri male voice younger

Siri female voice

Siri female voice younger

It's how you say it

Varying expressivity

Martin (French)

Martin more dynamic

Martin even more dynamic

Our technology can gradually shape the expressivity in a voice, e.g. to make it more dynamic.

Better understanding

Making speech more intelligible and removing background noise.