About Us

We’re a team of experts in voice technologies, design and cognitive neuroscience. Our experience in customer relation drives our work to build the future of voice communication.

Team illustration

Our mission

Enriching voice interactions for better communication.

Our voice transformation technologies allow to finely control the acoustic features of a voice, and predict the effect of these changes on the listener. Enhancing a voice by making it more intelligible, or by emphasizing its smiling, welcoming, or trustworthy attitude: this is what Alta Voce technologies make possible today, in real time, to improve voice communication.

Our solutions are driven by cutting-edge research carried out by our team in affective neuroscience and signal processing laboratories: they do not rely on verbal content and can be applied independently of the language.

Whether it is for customer relations, for a voice assistant or your own vocal avatar, Alta Voce cares for your voice and its emotions.

Our values

Your voice is your identity. Alta Voce give the highest priority to the respect of everyone’s identity and intentions: our voice processing technologies are designed accordingly.

Alta Voce team believes in Responsibility, and promotes Diversity and Benevolence. We build the future of voice communication with Imagination and Passion.